CultureLabs: Horizon2020 Research and Innovation project

“CultureLabs is a Horizon2020 Research and Innovation project funded under the Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges pillar with the aim to develop novel methodologies and ICT tools that can facilitate the organisation and wider deployment of participatory projects for social innovation through cultural heritage.

CultureLabs’ case studies and pilots focus on different immigrants communities and micro-communities (refugees, second generation immigrants, female immigrants) and on approaches that build bridges between their living culture and mainstream CH.

The developed toolkits and infrastructure will be reusable and extensible, so that the collected ingredients (including guidelines, methodologies, digital tools, CH resources etc) can be easily combined and adjusted to meet the needs of different stakeholders, including cultural heritage institutions, civil organisations, and policy makers, as well as the communities themselves”.

CultureLabs consist of broad and heterogeneous European partnership where each entity represents an excellence from a national and European perspective.

CultureLabs recipes for social innovation

What we have deployed:

  • Brand identity, logo and Brand guidelines
  • Stakeholder presentation leaflet
  • Social media images

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