Designing the Internet Festival booklet

IF is the first Italian festival dedicated to the Internet and #sentiment the plot that encompassed all the topics covered during the seventh edition. A complex machine that of IF that involves different and important Partners for 4 days and takes place in different locations. Furthermore, it is characterized by T-tours, educational and training courses in the world of the Net dedicated to young people, families, students, professionals that take place continuously during each day. A complex program of events rich in content to make available to everyone.

The creative design phase

The request was the creative design for the arrangement and layout of the contents coordinated with the entire IF team and subsequently, the actual layout of the booklet, in Italian and English versions and the creation of the executive file for the print.

The needs that emerged during the first brainstorming were to divide the calendar of events (generally divided by thematic area) in order to make it usable and clear to the visitors of the Festival and make it more "smart" and concise without sacrificing content and information useful.

The development of the layout

We have chosen to divide the calendar by days and in chronological order, identifying first the start and end times of the thematic area and then, timetables and useful information of each single event belonging to that area. At the same time, for a faster reading or if the interest was directly linked to a thematic area or a location or even to the hackathon or installations, we have identified a corresponding entry in the index. In this way, it was possible to decide whether to follow the program by days, by subject area or by location. The T-tours, on the other hand, have been divided by day and indicating the target audience and any booking obligation. The developed design has maintained an editorial slant with particular attention to the cages, titles and subtitles and white spaces able to balance and "clean" the graphics even when there was a need to insert less attractive but still useful content.

Internet Festival

The Internet Festival takes place in October in Pisa but its preparation has a much longer duration. A program that in addition to involving different thematic areas, involves different locations and other events that take place throughout the city. The Booklet represents the entire vast and diversified schedule for age, education and interests. Not only does it represent the tangible element for those who visit and participate in the Festival, but "closing the booklet" and preparing it for printing and for the online version means having dates, attendances, locations, abstracts of every single event. It means for the entire work team to have the final program of the Festival after months of work.

Why we were chosen

After participating in a call for proposals, we became suppliers of Sistema Fondazione Toscana and consequently, following the evaluation of the CV and portfolio, of direct experience and skills, we were deemed suitable for the actions relating to the IF project developed within the Foundation. Tuscany system.

The result

The result was much appreciated. We have simplified the vision of the schedule, we have worked respecting all times in the management and layout of the contents and in the coordination phases of the contents themselves and in the editing phases. The most important thing was human contact. We have established a relationship of mutual respect with the coordinators of the Internet Festival since the first meeting and we are also proud to have reduced our holidays in August to respect working times.
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