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The automotive market is ready to evolve and face new challenges through digital services aimed at dealers. To do this, you need to have the right mix of digital creativity and professionalism and rely on a certified agency like ours.

Digital Transformation

The main objective was to follow and coordinate the entire process linked to digital marketing in all its different forms and to identify a communication process that would enhance its professional and human qualities. A complex management in a dynamic and competitive sector in which the corporate reputation and the relationship with the customer are fundamental.

Our goal was to establish a relationship of human and professional trust to independently manage the entire digital path.

GMG SPA Dealership for Mercedes Benz Italy

In a recent article published in the Corriere dello Sport, GMG SPA was defined as a center of excellence for the Mercedes-Benz Brand; the result of an innovative process carried out within the company and of a very important vision: to always put people at the center through the satisfaction of every need from the first contact via the web to the use of social networks through a coherent editorial plan, up to more "classic" phases of purchase, post-sale and highly specialized assistance. A result that our agency wanted to participate and decisive in the strategic and communicative role.

Because we were chosen

We are a Google Certified web agency because we have obtained individual certifications including multiple exams all aimed at online advertising, we have reached an important minimum spending threshold for new customers who have chosen to rely on our agency and above all, we have maintained best practices that is the quality standards of the managed campaigns.

The future

The digital transformation of the automotive sector is fundamental and necessary. However, it is necessary to have a precise and long-lasting communication and strategy to obtain evident and tangible results.

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- Alyssa Robertson

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